Monatsarchiv: Juni 2010

What the banana!

The soccer ball is round, the banana is not. 2011 will bring the DESIGNERS ZOO. 2010 we’ll bring bananas*. Saturday 14 h when this thing starts: Across the Borders Festival 19 June – 14 August 2010 * do not insert … Weiterlesen

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i_beta festival Heerlen NL

Hey all you alpha dogs and dogettes, busy this Friday? We are proudly participating as workshop conductors at the i_beta festival in Heerlen (NL). We are all in beta. Trends, opportunities and challenges for creatives, business and culture. This Friday … Weiterlesen

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Aachen Chamber of Commerce & Industry article

Wirtschaftliche Nachrichten 0610…contents.pdf, …teaser.pdf, …article.pdf

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